Friday, February 22, 2008

intellegent machine assault

De-mon S-eed Movie Review
."How will a computer work on woman?". This movie gives a hint for high intellegent computer attempt on a woman, wife of the scientist for its desire. The Internet has since answered question to the collective nausea of everyone, but back in 1973, it was wide open. So Dean "No R" Koontz wrote a bad little novel titled De-mon S-eed.a woman named Susan lives alone in an automated house. She has crippling emotional problems from childhood trauma, and has hardly seen anybody in years. Her home is invaded by Proteus, a sentient computer from a nearby university. Keeping her in check with subliminal messages and the house's automated systems, Proteus declares his love for Susan, and uses high technology to impreg-nate her. Ten months later, her baby is born.


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