Friday, February 22, 2008

embrace of vampire alyssa milano

This movie is a wonderful depiction of a vampire assault on a virgin. this vampire (known throughout the film only as "the vampire") knows that Charlotte is actually his beloved Princess from ages long ago, reincarnated in the modern world. As he was transformed into a vampire before he could marry the princess, he now plans to make Charlotte into a vampire and regain his lost love. Darn those vampires looking to regain their reincarnated lost loves! Apparently, he must do this while she is still a virgin, and still under 18 years old.
alyssa milano is a virgin, god fearing catholic but a vampire has eye on her. The vampire, a male guy, attacks her often in her sleep to spoil her and succeeds finally in occupying her along with his few female helper vampires. The scene is very elaborative in the movie and succeeds in spoiling her and filling her with him.
alyssa milano in tight tshirt



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